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About Us

We’re internet marketers, just like you.

We developed Guest Blog Genius to make marketing and SEO easier. Having built a number of our own online businesses, we know what it takes to compete, no matter the niche. We’ve learned that if you can find some kind of advantage, you take it. And if you can’t find an advantage, you just might have to make one!

With our other online businesses, organic search marketing was our most important lead source, and guest blogging was central to that. It helped us take one of our sites from a PageRank 0 to a 5 in just five months, using only white hat techniques, resulting in first page search results for our most lucrative keywords. Of course we also had businesses to run, making it difficult to balance our priorities with the time and effort it took to guest blog effectively.

Our specific niche topics weren’t conducive to creating and hosting popular blogs, white papers, or other content that readers would seek out and share. So we knew that to get good quality links we would need to keep creating original content, AND find great places to post it.

However, the process of writing good articles, finding top quality blogs that might accept our articles, then working with the blogs to get our posts live took a lot of time and effort. We realized that if we could find a way to streamline the process, we could earn all the links we want, get in front of more customers, and keep improving our SEO, while still focusing on our core businesses.

Well, we did find a way, and Guest Blog Genius was born. We hope you’ll give it a try!