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Why Guest Blog Genius?

We make guest blogging easy! OK, we said that already. But seriously, it could not get any easier. You know how important fresh new content and links are to your online marketing efforts. You'd publish more content and guest blog more if you could, but it's just too much work.

We do the content writing, blogger outreach and link building, so you don't have to.
Every SEO and webmaster knows that it's challenging to improve organic search results. It takes content and links to do it. But producing and distributing high quality guest blog content is time consuming and expensive. While there are a lot of shortcuts for getting low quality links that don't last, the best permanent backlinks from high ranking sites always start with good content.

Add up what it costs to write the content, find potential host blogs, pitch those blogs, then engage in the back-and-forth that ensues, and it's easy to see why guest blogging can be such a beast. That's why so many SEOs and webmasters do less of it than they'd prefer... until they try our service. Guest Blog Genius is the most efficient way to conduct effective content marketing through guest blogging.

Our guest blogging platform makes the difference.
We bring bloggers and writers together in one place, for you. By crowdsourcing both the guest blogging opportunities, and the writing talent needed to create useful, original articles, we're changing the way guest blogging gets done.

Try us out by starting a campaign for free. It's incredibly easy:

  1. Tell us about your website
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Now that's a change, isn't it?

Save time. Save money. Get more guest posts published.
Over the long run, you can't win in organic search by gaming the system. To dominate your niche you have to be the authority, and that takes real, original content. But doing it all on your own can be too slow and expensive, especially if you have clients demanding results. Whether you use guest blog placements to build your brand, to gain links to your own sites, or to resell our services to your SEO clients, with Guest Blog Genius, your time and effort are kept to a bare minimum.

No spam content. No blog networks. This is guest blogging done right.

Why Guest Blogging?

Because it's among the most cost effective marketing tactics you can use. Most businesses depend on getting new leads from a variety of sources, and if you've run a website for a while, you have probably tried any or all of the following.

  • Paid Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Are they working well for you? Depending on your industry niche and the types of products and services you sell, perhaps one or two of these tactics can net you profitable results. However, ads aren't getting cheaper, social media is noisy and labor intensive, and email marketing may not even be suitable for your business.

Guest Blogging is Sustainable Marketing

Most marketing tactics work as long as you keep paying for them. Paid marketing results only grow when you spend more. And when you stop, results stop. That isn't sustainable unless you know that you can always get a good return on your marketing investments.

Guest Blogging ROI

Guest blogging grows your online footprint, paying bigger dividends over time.

By creating content that is hosted on independent blogs, you continually grow your marketing reach with each new post, while also adding evidence for search engines that your site is one worth showing to more users.

In other words, the more useful content you create, the more important your site becomes, which leads to continual organic traffic growth.

Of course, it's not enough just to create a lot of content. Millions of sites are adding new pages every day, with little or no traffic to show for it. Why? Well, think about it like this: Your site isn't important online just because you say it is.

Your site becomes important when lots of other sites share your content and link to your site. So, the key to effective content marketing is getting your content hosted on other relevant sites. That's how to expand your reach and increase your own site's authority. That's what guest blogging does for you.

Expand your marketing reach, and do it for less.